How to lose weight?!

image image   I gained so much weight when i got pregnant. And weighted 60kg after giving birth. Kinda frustrating,from 40kg before pregnancy to 60kg. Low self esteem, insecurities started, and sometimes i cried coz’ i saw a clothes in the mall that i super like but it wont fit me. Thankful to my husband,coz’ he’s always makes me feel like i’m the sexiest and the most beautiful girl on earth.

Like in the mall, everytime i saw a “healthy girl” (our term of fat n big ), then suddenly he’d wisphered “daku pa sya nimo” (she’s bigger than you) or ” medyo daku ka but mas gwapa kapa niya” (you’re a bit bigger but you’re more beautiful than her”… Etc..

I gave birth thru CS (ceasarian section) but as early as 3 months after giving birth i joined zumba here in our town. I know it’s kinda dangerous but i’m so frustrated and can’t wait to get back my old figure. But the moment i felt pain in my lower abdomen,i realized why on a rush?! It can wait, at the right time..

After 1 year, i got active again in zumba,fun run, jogging and sometimes badminton. Thanks to my ever supportive hubby,my partner in badminton and jogging,my fan in zumba, or even did zumba with me. To my partner in fun run and zumba cathy,thanks for the free singlet (twice)..

To lose weight is not about diet, the food you eat or juicing but it’s all about your strong determination to achieve your goal,which is to lose weight. Dieting is useless without determination and sefl control.

Here’s what i did to lose weight: (i don’t know if this is right but it works for me) 🙂

* Early in the morning i drink cold water.

* I don’t eat breakfast (meal), i only ate banana or 1 pc of cracker or 1 pc bread. Or even before i don’t really eat breakfast.

* I don’t eat AM snacks.

* Lunch is normal. (I can eat all i want, no limit)

* PM snacks (sometimes)

* Small meal dinner.

* I did juicing sometimes, no meals only detox juice.

To all mom’s at home, you can also lose weight while taking care of your baby. Just turn on your favorite dance musics and dance, for sure your baby will enjoy watching you just like mine, and sometimes my baby dance with me too. You burn calories at the same time bonding with your baby. And don’t forget to put binder in your waist before dancing.:-)

You want a free sauna?, get inside your room, close all the windows and door and hide inside your comforter, believe me it works. I did that a lot of times. 🙂 Don’t forget, you can also burn calories while cleaning the house. And even while cooking. Yah! I dance while cooking but mostly i sing..hehehe

Party time. You can’t resist those yummy foods and cold drinks. Well, don’t starve yourself, you can eat but know your limitation, control yourself. And if you eat a lot then make sure to exercise the next day.

In my case, i ate small dinner meal at 6pm. By 9pm or 10m, my tummy starts making sounds,in short, hungry again. What i did is drink a lot of cold water and then sleep. And if ever i can’t sleep, i drink cold water again. 🙂

It’s easy to gain weight but super hard to lose weight. Lucky those girls who eat a lot and yet never gain weight. Lucky me, from 60kg to 48kg now.hehehe.. 🙂

To all the girls out there who dream and wish to lose weight like me, never lose hope. Keep trying. Determination and self control. And always remember, the true beauty is not about looks, makeup or clothes, true beauty comes from being yourself. We are beautiful in our own unique way. 🙂

Keep smilling!!! ( O _ ^  ) winky!




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