It’s all about birthdays

Birthday, the day we were born. The day we first saw the light, the day we first saw the creation of God. The day were everybody got excited to celebrate it with family or friends. Birthday means gifts and party, but mine was different. The last time i remembered,  i celebrated my birthday when i was 5 o 6 years old, can’t forget about it coz’ that’s the time i started to hate dogs, not really hate but i just don’t like dogs now. Our dog bit me while eating chicken outside our house.

Unlike others, i’m not excited with my birthday. Got envious with my friends and classmates who has party every year, lots of balloons and blew their cakes. As much as i want a party like that, but i can’t, my parents can’t afford it. Oh, i’m not complaining, we’re not fortunate as others and i understand. I celebrated my birthdays by going to church and pray, bonus if my mother cook a “pancit” for long life,  “biko” (sweet rice treat o sticky rice cake) or “suman”(rice cake wrapped in banana leaf) .:-) Thankful to some of my friends way back high school days, for making some of my birthdays memorable, although no foods but at least the laughter and the effort to make me happy is unforgetable. And oh, i dont have pictures too since we don’t have camera.

When i started college, that’s the time i experienced something new in my birthday. Cards, flowers, “mañanita” ( a morning serenade to a birthday celebrant before sunrise,this is some kind of a surprise). Gifts from BF.etc…


This is my first time big birthday celebration ever. With my boardmates and friends at Busaing compound. Sorry no pictures of the foods, i lost my usb and i only have this pics in my album (hard copy). And i’m 4 months pregnant here. Thanks to my fiancé for giving me this kind of party even though he’s not around to celebrate. image


Simple celebration with close and forever friends at Portofino beach resort.




Simple celebration with friends…..




This is not just my birthday, it’s a 4 in 1 celebrations. Birthday, car blessing, thanksgiving and despedida for my husband.




My 29th. Lunch at The Port Waterfront hotel, and the next day dinner at our place. I celebrated twice for the two group of friends (wifey friends and old friends). Thanks Iris n Glen for the surprise cake with all those waiters singing me happy birthday.:-). 5 months pregnant here.


Simple celebration at home with friends. Thanks to all donors. 🙂 Marissa cake, Robelyn crispy pata, Maricar biko.

imageSimple celebration at home with friends and at CRM. Thanks again Marissa for the cake..

These are all the birthdays i have celebrated. Thanks to my ever supportive husband for giving me all that i need in life, and also “wants”.:-)

That’s why now, i made sure to capture every special moments with my kids, giving them everything as much as we could, the things we don’t have before. I don’t want my kids will experience, same as i did. That’s why we work hard for them.

I know the feeling, celebrating birthdays with nothing, even cake to blow. That’s why now, i made sure that my friends and family (especially my parents) wont forget their birthdays, by giving them surprises like cakes,flowers, o gifts.

I know it’s not about material things or big parties that makes our birthdays special, thats only a bonus. But admit it, we all wish for it.:-)

What’s important is, we have to thank our creator, for giving us another year to enjoy his creation and to be a blessing to everybody. To appreciate everything that we have and be contented.

God bless you all.


JL ( O _ ^ )








With the Owner's Representative & KGJS manila staff...

With the Owner’s Representative & KGJS manila staff…


Family is the most important thing in the world, and for a company who value family the most, once again held a family day to all cebuano crew & family at Best Western Sand Bar Resort,Cordova Cebu last July 19,2014.

Every year, KGJSM held a family day and this year we’re lucky cebuanos that they’d choose cebu. The last time KGJSM cebu had a family day was last July2011 at Vista Mar Resort.

It’s a gloomy/rainy day, the weather didn’t cooperate but it’s not the hindrance or it didn’t stop us to enjoy the day with family and friends, although i admit i didn’t have time to enjoy, i mean MJS and I didn’t have time to enjoy since we are the one who is incharge with everything in the event. But seeing all those happy faces and laughter and how they enjoyed the event, well, all our hardworks are paid off. As an organizer, the happiness of all the visitors are all that matters.:-)

Being part of the working committee, i can say that this event was so different from our previous events. It’s not perfect, but as i watched all the videos and pictures, it made me smile and thankful coz’ i know despite the imperfection, people enjoyed and had fun.

The program officially started. We prepared some presentation from kids to adults. The cutest and most adorable kids performed first with their sing and dance presentation of “Let it go (frozen)”, “Wanna do right” and “Treasure”. Followed by Jeffrey Giducos,who do rapped, and Mr.Lotivio who sing…(i dont know the title) sori.:-)

Kids in action...

Kids in action…


And the most awaited part of the program, the seafarer’s wives association dance number (i’m part of it) mixed with teens. No one can stop us to dance,lol.:-) thank you to Yhadz Jonathan our choreographer. Thank you wifey friends for cooperating, the effort of going to the office every saturday for our weekly practice, indeed, we did a great job. Age is not the hindrance to dance, it’s the enjoyment we feel, right?! 🙂


Wifey in action...

Wifey in action…

Wifey in action...

Wifey in action…

We’re not just an ordinary association, but we’re family having different blood. The laughters and tears, problems and inspiring stories we’ve shared and the encouragement in each other are truly remarkable. We all have different personality but we have one thing in common, being a strong seafarer’s wives.
imageimageimageimage          The games. Who doesn’t love games?! The excitement and thrill and the eagerness to win plus the prizes itself. 🙂 The participants enjoyed a lot, i mean everybody enjoyed this part of the program. You know, those crazy moves and funny faces really make you laugh out loud. 🙂

Those cute kids who really tried hard to win the games, although win or lose they had a prize. Those cute little voices shouting and laughing is like a sound in my ears. The happiness in their eyes while enjoying the pool are so priceless. Indeed, they enjoyed and had fun.



Thank you to all the represenatives from different departments in manila office, Mam Jove, Sir Arnold, Mam Miel,Mam Che (my girl crush) and Sir Efren for your time, especially at the afternoon indoor meeting (although they don’t have a choice,its part of their job,hehehe), and for being so cool in participating the games, i hope you guys enjoyed and had fun, balik balik mo diri sa cebu..:-)  And oh, the coolest thing they did was singing a visayan song “Pasayawa ko dai” , although they don’t understand  the lyrics,hehehehe. Sorry guys, i think the mastermind of that song can’t stop laughing till now everytime He remember that song.hehehehe ( – __ – ) Well, good job to all of you mga sir and mam.:-)

Thank you to all KGJSM Seafarer’s wives association for being there always whenever we have activities, for all the help despite all your busy schedules, you still find time to help. The ever active and energetic wives, thank you.


Lastly, Thank you Dear Lord for another succesfull event, for giving us strenght and energy, for keeping us safe all the time while preparing for this event. For we are nothing without you. Please continue to bless this company, for making this company your way of helping people achieving their dreams. Thank you.


P.s. Sorry late post. Wrote this last july28. Almost a month now.hehehhe…

Want to be part of our company?, pls visit our cebu office at CRM bldg. very near at Wellcome, Parklane and Quest hotel.

Till’ our next activitiy guyz. God bless us all.



JL ( O _ ^ )




Glenda go away…


Quick #OOTD post. Late post..

Overrun pullover, DIY shorts, Parisian boots & swatch watch..

This is what i wore in our food tasting in Sand Bar Resort Cordova Cebu. It’s been raining and Luzon area experienced Typhoon Glenda at this time, so i came up with this outfit. This boots is 2 years old now, and this my second time i wore this baby. This was just the results of being an impulsive shopper.

Maybe you noticed the area/place where my ootd took. Yah, this is KGJSM cebu office. And no, i don’t make this office a studio thing. It’s just that i only dressed up when i go to the city, so i made sure to took ootd. Well, im proud of this company so i wanted to show them our office too..:-)

I only post a real OOTD. I mean an outfit that i really wear going out or meeting friends and clients. An outfit that everybody can relate too, everybody can wear and an outfit that is so simple and yet people will amazingly look at you, because they can see the real beauty in you. Be confident and most of all make sure you’re comfortable coz’ i personally choose comfort rather than pain fashion, you know what i mean fashionistas..ayt?! 🙂

Stay pretty inside and out girls….



JL ( O _ ^ )


Love stories on long weekend…

Long weekend is almost over. It means back to reality, work and school. How’s your long weekend by the way?,  Is it a relaxing one? Or a busy one? On a vacation or just plain and simple at home? Whatever you did in this long weekend, i hope you guyz enjoyed and had fun.

My long weekend is not as exciting and happy as everyone else did, i just stayed at home, watched movies, work a little (online) and play with my kids. I really want to go somewhere else like beach but you know we’re on a tight budget this time so, thanks to my friends ( kuya glen & marisa) for letting me borrow their external hard drive with lots of stored movies to complete my long weekend.

Movies for kids on day time and love story movies on my Me time. Here’s a pic with my Princess while watching Alvin and the chipmunks. She watched this movie for the nth times but she still laugh to death with all those chipmunks moves. I admit this is my first time to watch this movie, loser me, i know.hehehe

imageI’m just in the mood of watching different kinds of love stories, and act as if i’m the lead girl on that movie..hehehe.. I have my own love story, a unique one but you know sometimes even if we already have our prince charming, we can’t stop ourselves from saying “oh i wish i’m the girl on that movie” or ” oh man, marry me, you’re so sweet” or ” i wish i have that kind of relationship”  etc…

After watching “The Proposal” , ” The Prince and Me” , ” Serendipity” , “The Bodyguard” and “Dear John” , i realized how love can move mountains, how powerful love is, how love changed even those people you think will never change. How love makes us so weak and how love makes us alive and happy. It doesn’t matter if you only knew that person in a week or days or month, it doesn’t matter if you have a may – december love affair, coz’ love is no rules. It is a feeling that we can’t control no matter how smart or wise you are.

Here’s some thoughts that running in my mind after i watched all these movies.

Is it really possible to cancel a wedding on a wedding day because you feel and you think she/he is not your destiny?! Not your soulmate?!  Well, for me it’s better to cancel rather than pursuing and will end afterward. But you know, us filipinos won’t really do that, i think?!:-) well, how can you cancel a wedding worth hundred of thousands,with lots of guests and foods and everythings are ready?!, there’s a lot of things to consider, that’s why a lot of people now are so miserable with their life. They don’t have a choice. And if they have, maybe they still choose to sacrifice rather than ruin everything.

Is it really possible to be attracted with someone else even if you already have a partner? Well, i think it is, but it’s a matter of controlling yourself not to do mistakes, not to hurt others. Reality in life, long distance relationships are so dangerous if you guyz don’t have trust to each other. One may get attracted to others or vice versa, but if you guys believe that your relationship will last, then it will..

I can relate on Dear John, i mean all those letters, long distance relationship and few days to spend time together. Everytime my husband onboard, during our gf/bf time, i always wrote him a letter every week, sometimes thrice a week, twice, with cards and pictures. I dont  get tired of doing that thing coz’ i know thats the only thing that makes him happy, despite all those heavy and dangerous works he has. That’s the only thing that makes him strong while he’s away from home. He’s inspiration to work harder.

And oh there’s no facebook at that time, only friendster. And long distance call is super expensive, so we’re settled on traditional love letters. And then here comes facebook, the fastest way to connect to all our love ones all over the world. I admit now, i haven’t send him cards or love letters onboard (kinda busy now) but i do send him messages on facebook everyday, letting him know how lucky i am to have him in my life.

Lastly, i really don’t know if somebody out there that knew me personally read my blog. I have 30+ followers but i don’t know them. I love sharing my thoughts here, i can say anything without worrying what others might think. This is my personal space where i don’t know who’s the reader.

Pls whoever read my blog, can you pls follow me:

twitter: @jovinicole

instagram: misha_adara

facebook: jovie lumapas or



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Short and long trip! (Anniversary special)


@ La trinidad benguet




@ Philippine military academy





image@ the mines view park, wearing igorot costume.



Trip to Baguio, our first, both are  excited and happy. An advance wedding anniversary treat for me (thanks king).. Kinda hesitant at first since you need to travel 7 hrs from Manila to Baguio, and i hate long hours of travel or should i say my back hates to travel that long and you just sit,eat and sleep and then “call of nature” follows.. But because i’m so eager to see strawberry farm and excited to eat strawberry (for the first time), so i said “ok then,we’ll go there”..

And oh, it’s not only 7 hrs, the traffic plus the not so fast bus made it 9 hours of travel. The perks of having a hubby, that long hours of travel is not a problem to me, he made everything so comfortable for me, the hugs and kisses, the foot massage, yah! Even when we’re in the bus he gave me a foot massage,lucky me! the selfie2, and the feeling of seeing those unfamilliar places we passed by.

Since, we arrived in Baguio at 5pm, and it was raining, we decided to have our city tour the next day.

Sunday. From strawberry picking in La Trinidad, to PMA, Mines view park, Botanical garden and Lourdes Grotto, and bought some pasalubong for family and friends. I know, one day is not enough but we have no choice, we need to go back to manila for my hubby’s training.

Since, it’s our first time, we don’t have any idea about this chance passenger thing, plus the sold out tickets. We need to arrive in manila before monday noon since my hubby has a training on the afternoon, but the next available bus was at 7am monday, kinda frustrating but we’re still lucky and proud bisaya coz’ we’ve met someone ( a bisaya janitress) who helped us got a seat in the 10pm (sunday) bus (front seat).  Of course we gave something in return, (thank you tip) for being so nice to us. The perks of being friendly. Now, i can say we, bisaya are so friendly. Agree?! 🙂

That’s why my title says “The short and long trip” short, since we only had 1 day of city tour and had a long hours of travel… Do i make sense?! I hope so..:-)

fyi: this is the first time we celebrated anniversary together. 2 years gf/bf and 7 years marraige, all in all 9 years…. Not really together,since he’s in manila and i’m here in cebu but atleast still in the Philippines..:-) The fact of having a seafarer husband, you always celebrate bdays and anniversaries alone.heheheh

And yes! , even when his onboard, we still celebrated special occasions in our lives, like birthdays, anniversary, mother’s day & father’s day. He made sure to send something for me even we’re miles apart like flowers and gifts. I don’t know how he do that but what’s important is the effort and the thoughtfulness. 🙂 He never fails to made me “kilig” ever since we started as gf/bf.

Enough for sweet moments, back to our trip. 🙂 One day is not enough to enjoy the City of Pines but I promised to come back here soon with the kids.

The total experience in Baguio was awesome. Plus the fact that i was with my husband exploring and both experienced and learned something new. That feeling when you travel with hubby, hassle free. The only thing i did was eat,sleep and shop plus a free massage. Feeling like a real queen.hehee..That’s why, Sometimes, i don’t like to travel without my king. You know what i mean.:-)

Excited for our next date/adventure together when he’s on vacation..Hmmmm.. Any suggestion?! Please,not abroad…heheheh

Fact: everytime he’s on vacation, we made sure that we have our moments together. Movie date, dine out, chillin’ out over cold beer and margarita or just simply in our room, chitchatting, playing online games, etc..

Enough for this coz’ i feel like crying now, i super miss my husband so much. Can’t wait for that moment to come that i can join him onboard, watching him working. In God’s time..

Till my next post…

God Bless everyone!



I love Zumba!

Zumba is a fitness program created by columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s. Since then, zumba became popular all over the world. And we, Filipinos are into this kind of exercise too. A different kind of exercise, since you’re just dancing, and oh you don’t have to be a very good dancer here as long as u follow the instructor on stage, and you’re as awesome as the others too.

For person like me who really love dancing, zumba is my favorite exercise. I dance as if nobody is watching, i mean who cares?! 🙂 All i want is to lose weight, and even before i got pregnant i did zumba to keep me fit and fab. Zumba is also one way of destressing myself. Plus you gain more friends.

Here’s some of my pictures joining zumbathon &zumba for a cause in town.



This is the first zumbathon i joined 4th months after giving birth by CS.. The whole family came to support me, and my nanay is kinda nervous since it’s been 4 months from my operation. YKWIM (you know what i mean)



Since my zumba buddy is not around, my ever supportive husband and daughter is with me here. Woke up as early as 4am, early bird, proof is my number, it’s 15.:-)

Fact: my shoes here is worth 150 pesos only, it’s imported at a cheap price. This shoes never failed me. From zumba to fun run, this shoes is so far the best shoes ever. And until now, i still gonna use it. Plus the fact that my husband bought this. I always say,it’s not about the price, as long as you give it from your heart and i’ll gonna keep and love it with all my heart.

Here’s my latest zumba pictures. You see the difference?!:-)


With my zumba and fun run buddy Cathy..



Oh yes! I really lose weight. But it’s not all about zumba, it’s about your determination to lose weight. It’s proven that no matter what my size, my husband loves me, but you know a girl like me wants to look good and sexy for my husband. We always want to look good for our husband, agree?!  It’s not “kaartehan”, it’s keeping the romance in marriage.. We wives, we need to be the most flirty slut girl in front of our husband. 🙂 (we all know they like it,right?!) 🙂 There’s no excuse, old or young, we need to be like that to our husband, coz that’s one way to keep our relationship stronger,never forget that. 🙂

Don’t have time to join zumba? Well, you can do zumba at home while taking care of your babies. There’s a lot of DVD out there (sshhhhh i know it’s pirated hehehehh)…  Or watch on youtube or simply turn on your favorite dance music at home. You can also invite your neighbors to do zumba with you, coz’ i know,sometimes  doing zumba alone is kinda boring..hehehehe.. 30 minutes of zumba everyday will do.

But always remember, beauty is not all about pretty faces and sexy body, it’s the inner beauty that counts. Outer beauty will fade,but inner beauty will stay forever.

God Bless everyone!!!







Early bird!!

Just another random thoughts:

I’ m wide awake as early as 4am, first reason, my baby asked for milk and here i am now trying to close my eyes again hoping i can go back to sleep but seems like it’s impossible to happen.
Lying here in our room (with light,yah! Coz my children and i afraid in the dark). Staring at the ceiling, and lots of things pop up in my mind. I don’t know where to start. All i know is that i miss my husband, i miss my family in leyte, i miss my friends, i miss everybody. I feel so alone and sad and sick. Migraine, backpain, sinusitis, sometimes fever, and bruises in my body again. Seems like they love to stay with me, as if i love them. Been suffering with all of these for how many years now, and sometimes i got used with all the pain and the hassle they give in my life..
I super miss my husband, but can’t do anything with it. Our future is in his hands. Sacrifices are needed just to give good future to our children. If only i have stable business here that i can buy the time of my husband to stay longer with us here without worrying our monthly ammortization in the bank. Hopefully soon. In Gods time.
I miss my family in leyte, i really want to go home, but our schedule wont allow us to do so. I hope we’ll spend our christmas there, and i hope the weather there is good by that time, coz’ i’m afraid with floods..
I miss my friends, my old and new friends, i mean all of them. You know that feeling when you need someone to talk or text but no one is there for you? That you’re so alone and lonely and you feel like nobody cares. And that you wonder, where are they, why they don’t even text you or msg you on fb just to say how are you, or i ms u.etc.. Just like what i always do.
Do not do unto others, what you don’t like others do unto you. Same like, do unto others, what you like others do unto you. But seems like all the efforts is in me, but others can’t notice what i did.
What if one day im gone, so excited what people will say about me, 🙂 if only i can hear all the things they will miss about me.. #justsaying
Can you guys say what you’ll gonna miss when i’m gone?! At least now i’m still gonna hear you..:-)
Till my next nonsense post..:-) Mother mode now, it’s monday. Preparing my princess to school..
God Bless everyone!!!