It’s all about birthdays

Birthday, the day we were born. The day we first saw the light, the day we first saw the creation of God. The day were everybody got excited to celebrate it with family or friends. Birthday means gifts and party, but mine was different. The last time i remembered,  i celebrated my birthday when i was 5 o 6 years old, can’t forget about it coz’ that’s the time i started to hate dogs, not really hate but i just don’t like dogs now. Our dog bit me while eating chicken outside our house.

Unlike others, i’m not excited with my birthday. Got envious with my friends and classmates who has party every year, lots of balloons and blew their cakes. As much as i want a party like that, but i can’t, my parents can’t afford it. Oh, i’m not complaining, we’re not fortunate as others and i understand. I celebrated my birthdays by going to church and pray, bonus if my mother cook a “pancit” for long life,  “biko” (sweet rice treat o sticky rice cake) or “suman”(rice cake wrapped in banana leaf) .:-) Thankful to some of my friends way back high school days, for making some of my birthdays memorable, although no foods but at least the laughter and the effort to make me happy is unforgetable. And oh, i dont have pictures too since we don’t have camera.

When i started college, that’s the time i experienced something new in my birthday. Cards, flowers, “mañanita” ( a morning serenade to a birthday celebrant before sunrise,this is some kind of a surprise). Gifts from BF.etc…


This is my first time big birthday celebration ever. With my boardmates and friends at Busaing compound. Sorry no pictures of the foods, i lost my usb and i only have this pics in my album (hard copy). And i’m 4 months pregnant here. Thanks to my fiancé for giving me this kind of party even though he’s not around to celebrate. image


Simple celebration with close and forever friends at Portofino beach resort.




Simple celebration with friends…..




This is not just my birthday, it’s a 4 in 1 celebrations. Birthday, car blessing, thanksgiving and despedida for my husband.




My 29th. Lunch at The Port Waterfront hotel, and the next day dinner at our place. I celebrated twice for the two group of friends (wifey friends and old friends). Thanks Iris n Glen for the surprise cake with all those waiters singing me happy birthday.:-). 5 months pregnant here.


Simple celebration at home with friends. Thanks to all donors. 🙂 Marissa cake, Robelyn crispy pata, Maricar biko.

imageSimple celebration at home with friends and at CRM. Thanks again Marissa for the cake..

These are all the birthdays i have celebrated. Thanks to my ever supportive husband for giving me all that i need in life, and also “wants”.:-)

That’s why now, i made sure to capture every special moments with my kids, giving them everything as much as we could, the things we don’t have before. I don’t want my kids will experience, same as i did. That’s why we work hard for them.

I know the feeling, celebrating birthdays with nothing, even cake to blow. That’s why now, i made sure that my friends and family (especially my parents) wont forget their birthdays, by giving them surprises like cakes,flowers, o gifts.

I know it’s not about material things or big parties that makes our birthdays special, thats only a bonus. But admit it, we all wish for it.:-)

What’s important is, we have to thank our creator, for giving us another year to enjoy his creation and to be a blessing to everybody. To appreciate everything that we have and be contented.

God bless you all.


JL ( O _ ^ )







29th years of existence!

It’s my 29th birthday!

I celebrated my 29th birthday last August 4 at The Port seafoods restaurant waterfront cebu city with my old and new friends. This is an eat all you can restaurant, and their foods are super delicious.


Thank you to all wifey for this super cute and delicious cake.  


Thank you guys for celebrating with me in this special day of my life. You made me very happy. This is one of my memorable birthday ever. 


Thank you Iris and glen for this cake. I’m surprised with all those waiters singing happy birthday to me with this cake, kinda shy but thank you so much for the surprise. Ris, you really love surprises! 


My old yet young friends!


My new and feeling young friends!!!hahahahah



Birthday wish!!!!

I couldn’t ask for more in life. I’m contended and super happy.I knew God really loves me for He gave me everything i asked in life, so now it’s my turn to say thank you so much Dear Lord..

My only wish is that, to have a very healthy baby boy and that he’s in good condition and to have a safe delivery.

And lastly, thank you to my ever supportive king for making all of these possible. Thank you for making me happy despite the distance between us. I love you so much…


Thank you for this wonderful gift my king!!!!

Back again!

Basic tank top, bandage skirt from bangkok and crochet blouse from my friend, earings and necklace from forever21. Addicted to crochet this time. They give an extra factor to your look. And i’m loving bandage skirt, in fact i have 4 of this in different colors…heeeeeeee

This is what i wore during sinulog celebration of my daughter in their school and my friends birthday celebration, well, except for the shoes..It’s so hard to walk with this shoes in those kind of road,huh!

So i wore my favorite and over used wedge!

Who the hell are you? (at the back) heeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

My Princess,ready to dance the sinulog beat!

With the birthday girl! We’re supposed to blow the candle but look, somebody didn’t follow the instruction…heeee

Too many cameras that we don’t know where to look…heeeeee