Glenda go away…


Quick #OOTD post. Late post..

Overrun pullover, DIY shorts, Parisian boots & swatch watch..

This is what i wore in our food tasting in Sand Bar Resort Cordova Cebu. It’s been raining and Luzon area experienced Typhoon Glenda at this time, so i came up with this outfit. This boots is 2 years old now, and this my second time i wore this baby. This was just the results of being an impulsive shopper.

Maybe you noticed the area/place where my ootd took. Yah, this is KGJSM cebu office. And no, i don’t make this office a studio thing. It’s just that i only dressed up when i go to the city, so i made sure to took ootd. Well, im proud of this company so i wanted to show them our office too..:-)

I only post a real OOTD. I mean an outfit that i really wear going out or meeting friends and clients. An outfit that everybody can relate too, everybody can wear and an outfit that is so simple and yet people will amazingly look at you, because they can see the real beauty in you. Be confident and most of all make sure you’re comfortable coz’ i personally choose comfort rather than pain fashion, you know what i mean fashionistas..ayt?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay pretty inside and out girls….



JL ( O _ ^ )



What is lookbook all about?

I’ve been active with this lookbook thing for almost 2 months and i have noticed some things and ask, what is lookbook all about? Is it about the camera they used? then how come there are some looks there that it isn’t clear and yet a lot of people hype? Is it about how you look in cam? Is it about how popular are you in lookbook? Is it about what clothes you wear or what footwear you have? Is it about how many friends you have in lookbook? what??? anybody there who can answer me??? Or fashion itself is in the eye of the beholder???