With the Owner's Representative & KGJS manila staff...

With the Owner’s Representative & KGJS manila staff…


Family is the most important thing in the world, and for a company who value family the most, once again held a family day to all cebuano crew & family at Best Western Sand Bar Resort,Cordova Cebu last July 19,2014.

Every year, KGJSM held a family day and this year we’re lucky cebuanos that they’d choose cebu. The last time KGJSM cebu had a family day was last July2011 at Vista Mar Resort.

It’s a gloomy/rainy day, the weather didn’t cooperate but it’s not the hindrance or it didn’t stop us to enjoy the day with family and friends, although i admit i didn’t have time to enjoy, i mean MJS and I didn’t have time to enjoy since we are the one who is incharge with everything in the event. But seeing all those happy faces and laughter and how they enjoyed the event, well, all our hardworks are paid off. As an organizer, the happiness of all the visitors are all that matters.:-)

Being part of the working committee, i can say that this event was so different from our previous events. It’s not perfect, but as i watched all the videos and pictures, it made me smile and thankful coz’ i know despite the imperfection, people enjoyed and had fun.

The program officially started. We prepared some presentation from kids to adults. The cutest and most adorable kids performed first with their sing and dance presentation of “Let it go (frozen)”, “Wanna do right” and “Treasure”. Followed by Jeffrey Giducos,who do rapped, and Mr.Lotivio who sing…(i dont know the title) sori.:-)

Kids in action...

Kids in action…


And the most awaited part of the program, the seafarer’s wives association dance number (i’m part of it) mixed with teens. No one can stop us to dance,lol.:-) thank you to Yhadz Jonathan our choreographer. Thank you wifey friends for cooperating, the effort of going to the office every saturday for our weekly practice, indeed, we did a great job. Age is not the hindrance to dance, it’s the enjoyment we feel, right?! 🙂


Wifey in action...

Wifey in action…

Wifey in action...

Wifey in action…

We’re not just an ordinary association, but we’re family having different blood. The laughters and tears, problems and inspiring stories we’ve shared and the encouragement in each other are truly remarkable. We all have different personality but we have one thing in common, being a strong seafarer’s wives.
imageimageimageimage          The games. Who doesn’t love games?! The excitement and thrill and the eagerness to win plus the prizes itself. 🙂 The participants enjoyed a lot, i mean everybody enjoyed this part of the program. You know, those crazy moves and funny faces really make you laugh out loud. 🙂

Those cute kids who really tried hard to win the games, although win or lose they had a prize. Those cute little voices shouting and laughing is like a sound in my ears. The happiness in their eyes while enjoying the pool are so priceless. Indeed, they enjoyed and had fun.



Thank you to all the represenatives from different departments in manila office, Mam Jove, Sir Arnold, Mam Miel,Mam Che (my girl crush) and Sir Efren for your time, especially at the afternoon indoor meeting (although they don’t have a choice,its part of their job,hehehe), and for being so cool in participating the games, i hope you guys enjoyed and had fun, balik balik mo diri sa cebu..:-)  And oh, the coolest thing they did was singing a visayan song “Pasayawa ko dai” , although they don’t understand  the lyrics,hehehehe. Sorry guys, i think the mastermind of that song can’t stop laughing till now everytime He remember that song.hehehehe ( – __ – ) Well, good job to all of you mga sir and mam.:-)

Thank you to all KGJSM Seafarer’s wives association for being there always whenever we have activities, for all the help despite all your busy schedules, you still find time to help. The ever active and energetic wives, thank you.


Lastly, Thank you Dear Lord for another succesfull event, for giving us strenght and energy, for keeping us safe all the time while preparing for this event. For we are nothing without you. Please continue to bless this company, for making this company your way of helping people achieving their dreams. Thank you.


P.s. Sorry late post. Wrote this last july28. Almost a month now.hehehhe…

Want to be part of our company?, pls visit our cebu office at CRM bldg. very near at Wellcome, Parklane and Quest hotel.

Till’ our next activitiy guyz. God bless us all.



JL ( O _ ^ )





Bluer than blue



Forever21 tube jumpshort, shopaholic blazer from sm department store, swatch watch, lacoste bag and BKK sandal..

I always go for comfy clothes regardless of brands and color. Since last thursday is a busy day for me, i wear something comfy yet classy and fashionable. Make sure you’re comfortable of what you wear especially if you’re walking most of the time. Again,this outfit is perfect for this unpredictable weather.

Bluer than blue is dark blue!!lol..:-)  So much blue in this pic..


credit to the photographer: jhonnix

venue: kgjsm cebu office