Love stories on long weekend…

Long weekend is almost over. It means back to reality, work and school. How’s your long weekend by the way?,  Is it a relaxing one? Or a busy one? On a vacation or just plain and simple at home? Whatever you did in this long weekend, i hope you guyz enjoyed and had fun.

My long weekend is not as exciting and happy as everyone else did, i just stayed at home, watched movies, work a little (online) and play with my kids. I really want to go somewhere else like beach but you know we’re on a tight budget this time so, thanks to my friends ( kuya glen & marisa) for letting me borrow their external hard drive with lots of stored movies to complete my long weekend.

Movies for kids on day time and love story movies on my Me time. Here’s a pic with my Princess while watching Alvin and the chipmunks. She watched this movie for the nth times but she still laugh to death with all those chipmunks moves. I admit this is my first time to watch this movie, loser me, i know.hehehe

imageI’m just in the mood of watching different kinds of love stories, and act as if i’m the lead girl on that movie..hehehe.. I have my own love story, a unique one but you know sometimes even if we already have our prince charming, we can’t stop ourselves from saying “oh i wish i’m the girl on that movie” or ” oh man, marry me, you’re so sweet” or ” i wish i have that kind of relationship”  etc…

After watching “The Proposal” , ” The Prince and Me” , ” Serendipity” , “The Bodyguard” and “Dear John” , i realized how love can move mountains, how powerful love is, how love changed even those people you think will never change. How love makes us so weak and how love makes us alive and happy. It doesn’t matter if you only knew that person in a week or days or month, it doesn’t matter if you have a may – december love affair, coz’ love is no rules. It is a feeling that we can’t control no matter how smart or wise you are.

Here’s some thoughts that running in my mind after i watched all these movies.

Is it really possible to cancel a wedding on a wedding day because you feel and you think she/he is not your destiny?! Not your soulmate?!  Well, for me it’s better to cancel rather than pursuing and will end afterward. But you know, us filipinos won’t really do that, i think?!:-) well, how can you cancel a wedding worth hundred of thousands,with lots of guests and foods and everythings are ready?!, there’s a lot of things to consider, that’s why a lot of people now are so miserable with their life. They don’t have a choice. And if they have, maybe they still choose to sacrifice rather than ruin everything.

Is it really possible to be attracted with someone else even if you already have a partner? Well, i think it is, but it’s a matter of controlling yourself not to do mistakes, not to hurt others. Reality in life, long distance relationships are so dangerous if you guyz don’t have trust to each other. One may get attracted to others or vice versa, but if you guys believe that your relationship will last, then it will..

I can relate on Dear John, i mean all those letters, long distance relationship and few days to spend time together. Everytime my husband onboard, during our gf/bf time, i always wrote him a letter every week, sometimes thrice a week, twice, with cards and pictures. I dont  get tired of doing that thing coz’ i know thats the only thing that makes him happy, despite all those heavy and dangerous works he has. That’s the only thing that makes him strong while he’s away from home. He’s inspiration to work harder.

And oh there’s no facebook at that time, only friendster. And long distance call is super expensive, so we’re settled on traditional love letters. And then here comes facebook, the fastest way to connect to all our love ones all over the world. I admit now, i haven’t send him cards or love letters onboard (kinda busy now) but i do send him messages on facebook everyday, letting him know how lucky i am to have him in my life.

Lastly, i really don’t know if somebody out there that knew me personally read my blog. I have 30+ followers but i don’t know them. I love sharing my thoughts here, i can say anything without worrying what others might think. This is my personal space where i don’t know who’s the reader.

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Love and Hate collide

Jasmine is a young girl who fell in love to a man much older than her. She is so sweet, a happy person and a talented girl. Jasmine is a happy person, you always see her smiling and at her young age she’s a very good adviser to all her friends. She’s a strong and very secretive person, secretive in a sense that she don’t want others to know if she has a problems. Jasmine said that she want to remember by people as a happy person.

When Jasmine fell in love with this man, 12 years older than her, everything has change. She lost some of her friends and others talk bad things about her and to her boyfriend. All the people against to their relationship, maybe because she is too young and the guy popular as “chickboy”. But Jasmine’s mind was so close that time. What’s matter to her is she’s happy and she trust her man despite all the rumors her man has 5 girlfriends at a time.

Jasmine gave everything to her man, she don’t care what other people say about her. Sometimes other girls get mad of her, envious coz’ her man is so popular. As years goes by, people learned to accept that they really mean to each others arm. They saw how the boy changed and how the boy took care of Jasmine and provide anything she needs.

Jasmine really thought he is the guy she’s going to marry, i mean people thought he is the man for Jasmine. She acted like a real woman, i mean a grown up woman despite of her young age. Took care of her man, laundry his clothes and cooked for her man. She did everything just for her man.

Until such time that she hear rumors about other girls her man has, she’s afraid to confront his man so she decided to keep it to herself.  Her friends told her, “hey i saw him with other girl yesterday” but Jasmine said ” maybe that was just his friend” .. She keep on covering her man wrong doing. Jasmine said “as long as i’m his number one and i’m his priority, it’s okay with me if he has other girl” . Jasmine trusted her man so much to the extent that she became blind to whatever she see and deaf to whatever she hear.

Jasmine cried in silent, she  don’t want others to know she’s hurting so much. Until time comes that her man starting to hurt her physically. But when people ask her what happen to your arms? you have bruises, she just replied nothing, and answered lies. Bruises on her legs, and she said she has her monthly period. Jasmine always think that whatever happen to her, it’s her fault. That’s why it’s okay to her if her man hurting her.

Jasmine’s family and friends didn’t know what she went through in the arms of her man. But still Jasmine was so thankful to her man for taking care of her even though sometimes he hurts her, physically and emotionally.

One day, Jasmine and her man fighting. But because Jasmine was so numb already, she did not cry. She did not realize that because she’s not crying her man got really really angry and think that she has other man, that’s why she did not cry. Because of no basis jealousy, Jasmine almost die that time. He choke her, jasmine so thankful that her lips has blood,coz’ when her man saw it, he stop what he is doing to her. Poor Jasmine, bruises all over her body.

After that incident, Jasmine decided to leave her man. Despite what happen to her, she still love her man but decided not going back to him coz’ there is hate in her heart already. Jasmine cried all day and night asking what have she done to be treated that way. She love her man, and did everything to him without asking in return. She keep telling, “i don’t deserve this”, and i said, yes! you deserve someone better..Jasmine thankful to all her friends who’s there to help her to move on. A friends who she forgot for a long time because she focused her mind and attention to serve her man.

Jasmine said, “whatever happened to us, i know i’m not the one who blame. I love him, but i hate him more”

” In life, it’s okay to love. But make sure you love the right person. Don’t give too much, love yourself first. Don’t let the person you love hurt you, coz’ he/she will hurt you over and over again”


Facts about HE & SHE (boys and girls)

Agree or disagree???

Well its up to you guys to decide. You can also share your opinion here if you like….

HE IS VERY SWEET AND CARING…(at first to let girls  really fall for them)

HE DON’T LIKE TEXTING (but when he still courting you he find time to)

HE DON’T LIKE GIRLS ALWAYS CHECKING THERE WHEREABOUTS (but he always checks the whereabouts of their girl to prevent complications…you know guys what i mean! )

HE HATES TO GO SHOPPING WITH GIRLS (bec. girls takes time to decide which one to buy. He wants to go shopping alone,because he buy what he want not what you want)

HE DON’T LIKE PDA (Public Display of Affection)….( maybe because they’re afraid other girls can see them that they’re taken already)

SHE IS NOT SWEET AND CARING (at first yes, playing  like “duh i dont care” , “who is he?”, but in the end girls are the sweetest and the most caring persons in the world)

SHE LOVE TEXTING ( girls wont get tired of texting, even others says they dont like to text but admit it girl you wont let a day to pass without texting your man..even if girls are tired and sleepy but still girls entertain text from boys)

SHE loves PDA (to all girls even if you said you dont like being a PDA but hey! admit it you love PDA especially if your boy is a campus heartthrob, you want the world to know it’s like hey! this is my man..:))

SHE loves to write love letters, give cards or pictures  with dedications, or we should say SHE is thoughtful..

HE dont like to write love letters nor give pictures with dedications, being together is enough for boys. But i  knew some HE who love making love letters or a poem for their love one..

SHE loves being treated like a princess or a queen but ended up serving HER king or prince….SHE loves that all his attention is with her but ended up giving all her attention to him..weird!

SHE will do anything for him, but ended up HE will look someone else..Because if you will do anything to him especially gf/bf level the boy will not appreciate it instead they will feel suffocated.

SHE always said “i don’t want you anymore” , ” i hate you” , ” go away” or in other words no matter how painful it is girls are girls, they always never mean what they said, girls always eaten what they said. While in HE. whenever he said no, or “it’s over” they mean it..boys are boys no matter what they say that they don’t cry over break ups, of course they do! it’s just that we can’t see them crying, pride!

(enough for now) to be continue: 🙂