Short and long trip! (Anniversary special)


@ La trinidad benguet




@ Philippine military academy





image@ the mines view park, wearing igorot costume.



Trip to Baguio, our first, both are  excited and happy. An advance wedding anniversary treat for me (thanks king).. Kinda hesitant at first since you need to travel 7 hrs from Manila to Baguio, and i hate long hours of travel or should i say my back hates to travel that long and you just sit,eat and sleep and then “call of nature” follows.. But because i’m so eager to see strawberry farm and excited to eat strawberry (for the first time), so i said “ok then,we’ll go there”..

And oh, it’s not only 7 hrs, the traffic plus the not so fast bus made it 9 hours of travel. The perks of having a hubby, that long hours of travel is not a problem to me, he made everything so comfortable for me, the hugs and kisses, the foot massage, yah! Even when we’re in the bus he gave me a foot massage,lucky me! the selfie2, and the feeling of seeing those unfamilliar places we passed by.

Since, we arrived in Baguio at 5pm, and it was raining, we decided to have our city tour the next day.

Sunday. From strawberry picking in La Trinidad, to PMA, Mines view park, Botanical garden and Lourdes Grotto, and bought some pasalubong for family and friends. I know, one day is not enough but we have no choice, we need to go back to manila for my hubby’s training.

Since, it’s our first time, we don’t have any idea about this chance passenger thing, plus the sold out tickets. We need to arrive in manila before monday noon since my hubby has a training on the afternoon, but the next available bus was at 7am monday, kinda frustrating but we’re still lucky and proud bisaya coz’ we’ve met someone ( a bisaya janitress) who helped us got a seat in the 10pm (sunday) bus (front seat).  Of course we gave something in return, (thank you tip) for being so nice to us. The perks of being friendly. Now, i can say we, bisaya are so friendly. Agree?! 🙂

That’s why my title says “The short and long trip” short, since we only had 1 day of city tour and had a long hours of travel… Do i make sense?! I hope so..:-)

fyi: this is the first time we celebrated anniversary together. 2 years gf/bf and 7 years marraige, all in all 9 years…. Not really together,since he’s in manila and i’m here in cebu but atleast still in the Philippines..:-) The fact of having a seafarer husband, you always celebrate bdays and anniversaries alone.heheheh

And yes! , even when his onboard, we still celebrated special occasions in our lives, like birthdays, anniversary, mother’s day & father’s day. He made sure to send something for me even we’re miles apart like flowers and gifts. I don’t know how he do that but what’s important is the effort and the thoughtfulness. 🙂 He never fails to made me “kilig” ever since we started as gf/bf.

Enough for sweet moments, back to our trip. 🙂 One day is not enough to enjoy the City of Pines but I promised to come back here soon with the kids.

The total experience in Baguio was awesome. Plus the fact that i was with my husband exploring and both experienced and learned something new. That feeling when you travel with hubby, hassle free. The only thing i did was eat,sleep and shop plus a free massage. Feeling like a real queen.hehee..That’s why, Sometimes, i don’t like to travel without my king. You know what i mean.:-)

Excited for our next date/adventure together when he’s on vacation..Hmmmm.. Any suggestion?! Please,not abroad…heheheh

Fact: everytime he’s on vacation, we made sure that we have our moments together. Movie date, dine out, chillin’ out over cold beer and margarita or just simply in our room, chitchatting, playing online games, etc..

Enough for this coz’ i feel like crying now, i super miss my husband so much. Can’t wait for that moment to come that i can join him onboard, watching him working. In God’s time..

Till my next post…

God Bless everyone!