I love Zumba!

Zumba is a fitness program created by columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s. Since then, zumba became popular all over the world. And we, Filipinos are into this kind of exercise too. A different kind of exercise, since you’re just dancing, and oh you don’t have to be a very good dancer here as long as u follow the instructor on stage, and you’re as awesome as the others too.

For person like me who really love dancing, zumba is my favorite exercise. I dance as if nobody is watching, i mean who cares?! 🙂 All i want is to lose weight, and even before i got pregnant i did zumba to keep me fit and fab. Zumba is also one way of destressing myself. Plus you gain more friends.

Here’s some of my pictures joining zumbathon &zumba for a cause in town.



This is the first zumbathon i joined 4th months after giving birth by CS.. The whole family came to support me, and my nanay is kinda nervous since it’s been 4 months from my operation. YKWIM (you know what i mean)



Since my zumba buddy is not around, my ever supportive husband and daughter is with me here. Woke up as early as 4am, early bird, proof is my number, it’s 15.:-)

Fact: my shoes here is worth 150 pesos only, it’s imported at a cheap price. This shoes never failed me. From zumba to fun run, this shoes is so far the best shoes ever. And until now, i still gonna use it. Plus the fact that my husband bought this. I always say,it’s not about the price, as long as you give it from your heart and i’ll gonna keep and love it with all my heart.

Here’s my latest zumba pictures. You see the difference?!:-)


With my zumba and fun run buddy Cathy..



Oh yes! I really lose weight. But it’s not all about zumba, it’s about your determination to lose weight. It’s proven that no matter what my size, my husband loves me, but you know a girl like me wants to look good and sexy for my husband. We always want to look good for our husband, agree?!  It’s not “kaartehan”, it’s keeping the romance in marriage.. We wives, we need to be the most flirty slut girl in front of our husband. 🙂 (we all know they like it,right?!) 🙂 There’s no excuse, old or young, we need to be like that to our husband, coz that’s one way to keep our relationship stronger,never forget that. 🙂

Don’t have time to join zumba? Well, you can do zumba at home while taking care of your babies. There’s a lot of DVD out there (sshhhhh i know it’s pirated hehehehh)…  Or watch on youtube or simply turn on your favorite dance music at home. You can also invite your neighbors to do zumba with you, coz’ i know,sometimes  doing zumba alone is kinda boring..hehehehe.. 30 minutes of zumba everyday will do.

But always remember, beauty is not all about pretty faces and sexy body, it’s the inner beauty that counts. Outer beauty will fade,but inner beauty will stay forever.

God Bless everyone!!!